Friday, December 8, 2006

buy steve's racing quiver

updated summer 2012

Light- medium wind formula rig
Perfect for formula racing or light air. Good range from 8k+
2010 Neil Pyrde evo2 10.7
530 100% carbon race mast 
HPL Boom
Streamlined base & uni
Reduced price for whole kit

2011 north warp 7.8 slalom sail
Perfect for 100-130l slalom boards
Good range from 12k+
requires a 460 mast

2010 north warp 7.0 slalom sail
Perfect for 90-120l slalom boards. Good range from 16k+
requires a 460 mast

I can package the 7.0, 7.8, 460, mast, boom and extension for a great medium to low end slalom kit. Reduced price for the whole kit

2007 north warp 6.3
Perfect for 90-100l slalom boards. Good range from 20k+
Requires a 430 mast

HPL carbon formula boom 225 cm- 310 cm with carbon wrapped head and new maui sails boom head-
I can sell the booms bare or race ready with adjustable harness lines & outhaul &; easy uphaul

HPL carbon slalom boom 180cm +
Can sell the booms bare or race ready with adjustable harness lines &; outhaul &; uphaul
ml slalom board 95l
Awesome high wind slalom board with 34 cm fin.
Works best in 5.8- 7.3 sail range.
25-1/2" width

stramlined 30cm & 48 cm us extensions with or without streamlined US pin universals

Z slalom fin 45 cm- great light air flat water fin with super flexible tip 
67 kashy formula fin- great medium to high wind formula fin with great control & speed


LUCAG said...

Hi Steve,

are these sails still available?

USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

Yes the 10.0, 6.3 and 5.8 are all available + masts and booms if needed. Contact me at for more info

Anonymous said...

Hi there steve,Im starting on fw and I need most of the equipment and I'll like to know if you've got actually anything on sale.
Thank you,
Oliver Betancor, canary islands

Steve Bodner said...

Hi Oliver
Ive got lots of gear for sale.
Contact me at for more info