Wednesday, March 21, 2007

spring 2007

Welcome to spring 2007- march 21 officially opens the windsurfing season as the first day of spring but tell that to the hordes of windsurfers this past w-end at Crissy field who enjoyed a solid 20-30k of breeze, sunshine, a stiff 4k ebb (+ an extra hour of daylight.) While the Berkeley boys were out testing their 9.0's and new formula gear, it was just too windy and choppy on the city front for the 10.0 while I'm wait for the new north racing quiver to arrive next week. The question remains- how to cross train when it gets too windy for formula?
2-1/2 hours of slalom sailing on a 6.3 will wear you out but how about pulling some freestyle moves like Jean Rathle in the photo above. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks?
For more photos of sunday's epic session on the san francisco bay check out shawn davis' photos

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PeconicPuffin said...

Are we to feel bad for you for your 6.3 session?
Nothing wrong with having some fun windsurfing when you can't cross train!
Those photos are quite nice...I guess Jean is working on a Grubby (I've never pulled that off but have crashed spectacularly.

What kind of board is the orange and silver thing at the bottom of the page? I've seen a photo of that gentleman before, and couldn't figure out what he was sailing then either.