Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer winds are back

Tuesday June 6 might go down as one of the windiest days on the Bay this year. It was absolutely solid on the outside with the gust in the high 30's and the swell at 6 to 8'.
Classic San Francisco overpowered windsurfing!

I rigged my new 6.3 north warp and mikes lab 90l slalom board with a 32cm techtonics fin.
Through-out the 2 hour overpowered session- I had to come in a few times to fine tune the downhaul and harness lines for the gusty conditions. Having your rig balanced is the key to staying comfortably and being able to sail for a longer session. I experimented with a few different settings and found too much downhaul really makes the cams hard to pop. Too little and its a fight to sail.

Slalom was the choice despite the big Ronstan Challenge this weekend in San Francisco.
Ive been putting off doing some long distance runs on my formula gear as its just been off the wall the past 4 days.
The race will be a long distance marathon of 40 miles or so from a stat off the St. Francis Yacht club- outside the golden gate bridge then straight down to Berkeley- around the pier and back to the finish in front of the club. 2-2-1/2 hours of solid hold on for dear life sailing.

If conditions stay merit- we could be a racing a downwind slalom on Sunday with the kites.
Forecast looks good for the rest of the week 25+ through Sunday!
I just hope there's enough time to get some Formula runs into Berkeley and back!

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