Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aussies in/Steve out

Its always nice to do a regatta report from your own home waters and although I'm not sailing in this one, the Aussie 18's have been putting on an awesome display of high performance sailing on the San Francisco Bay. It's amazing to see these guys all run across the deck while gybing from one trap to another- like synchronized swimming! Of course with anything high performance there are some amazing crashes.
Last night around sunset near the rigging area at crissy field- a few skiff sailors were searching for some broken windsurfing mast as a replacement for their broken upper section of their mast (see photo below)Check out more skiff photos from Chris Ray, Abner Kingman, Eric Simonson and Serge Zavazin here
Ahhh... the sounds of crumbling high performance carbon- makes me quiver in my seat!
The big showdown between skiffs, kites and boards will be this Friday for the 2007 Ronstan Bridge to Bridge race.
Check out the preview here:

Crissy field has been going off for the past week- and Ive enjoyed almost every day of it- soaking up as much slalom sailing under the golden gate as possible before the big move to Holland later this week. For at least the next 2 years we will be trying out the Euro life in Amsterdam. I will continue to race and train - doing more Euro events next year and will be coming back to the SF Bay for work- and of course windsurfing in the upcoming months
Thanks for everyone here who made racing and training so much fun. You guys have taught me alot over the past 6 years. Ive really enjoyed sailing with a dedicated group of racers and having world class wind and race management- only found on the San Francisco Bay!
As Bill Graham said of the Grateful Dead- "there not the best at what they do- they're the only ones that do what they do!" Thank you credit Paul Buelow
Check out more photos from last Friday's windy racing @

Ill be keeping up the blog so check back and I'll try to update regularly. It might not be the same familiar names but I promise no wooden clog jokes!

Also if you havnt checked out Andreas race blog- hes got a good nationals post mortem thats worth reading.

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