Thursday, October 18, 2007


The race to the Novembers Formula World Championship in Fortaleza has begun...well it actually began last year when I decided to stop the Olympic class windsurfing and focus on one class- the Formula. With this season having gone quite well and finishing strong at the US Nationals - I committed early and decided to go to Brazil mid season.
Earlier in the season I wasnt too sure about my fin quiver- or lack there of. With only 1 kashy 70cm I thought I would be really pushing the limit of its range. So far so good though as I was really able to utilize the one kashy 70 xs in light to moderate breeze to even wound up 9.0 formula sailing in SF voodoo chop. I think part of that is due to the double chicken strap on the mikes lab formula board. By going inboard sooner downwind on a 70 cm fin you can stay powered up longer- rather than going down to a smaller fin sooner as it gets windier. The increased tail width on this years Lab also helped take advantage of a bigger fin.
The worlds should be windy but after getting my ass kicked in Holland I decided to go for something with a bit more bottom end grunt. I ordered a second kashy fin - this one 73 cm cut down to 70 cm. The extra tip length and increased chord at the bottom should generate more lift and have better bottom end.
Also after having got back to SF last week I began testing out some new finworks formula fins with David Wells. If you havnt seen them yet- its a combination carbon core and G-10 leading and training edge. Dave has gotten down quite a precision with his CNC router. First impression was that they are very slippery. Dave Lasiila is on to something good here and has been steadily improving his product. Im anxious to find out the range in the next month ahead.
Word is theres another fin development in addition to Mike Z's custom fins as well. C-Rad and some other Bay area formula racers got a hold of Boogies old C3 molds and are making something similar to the E series of a few years back. As most recall Boogie's fins were very stiff.
Almost too stiff. Ben Bamer sailed with a softer copy of that in this years nationals until he broke the fin at the base. So far that was it for Doug Michna's creations.
I also got a chance to sail the new Mikes Lab formula board for next season. A few changes here and there but overall a really good impression the first time out. A looser feeling, wider in the tail, shallower cut outs and a chamfered rails in the first 1/2 of the board. Enjoy the photos...

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