Sunday, February 17, 2008

winter surprises

It was one of those days...
Wake up and check the forecast: 5-10k and not even from the right direction!
I made other plans to ride a new trail in the Marin headlands with a friend.
Huffing and puffing we made our way to the peak of alta trail to find some magnificent views.
The ride down through Tennessee Valley was fast and furious- dodging the Sunday morning trail walkers with families, dogs and kids.
Coming back to the city over the golden gate bridge, I noticed the breeze starting to fill in- some sailboats even beginning to heel on the Bay. Work could wait- there's wind!
I headed to the beach to find the local kite crew pumping up their kites. It was windy enough for the 11.0 so I headed out to get some practice runs for midwinters in 2 weeks.
With the ebb still kicking in the middle of the Bay, I made my up out the gate in 1 tack to find the surfers and the swell kicking up at fort point. Shawn Davis was there to capture the action again- check out his photos here.
Wave riding with a formula board and 11.0 takes a certain skill and mindset- namely stupidly.
I was careful to choose my waves and even more careful to gybe early as the inside shuts down fast with a void of wind near the shore- especially with a little south in it.
Nonetheless I managed to ride some good swell for the next 30 mnutes gybing back and forth between the south tower and fort point dodging the surfers who ventured outside to catch to outer sets coming in.
What does all this have to do with formula training- really nothing at all- except getting into the groove and enjoying oneself. Sometimes life gives you little treats and you have to be there to enjoy them.

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