Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 3 results

3 races in building breeze
Gusts up to 25k+ in last race with most on 11 - 12 m rigs. Chaos on
the water. Sherman wins 2 our of 3 and takes the championship. Gonzo
takes 2nd, Diaz in 3rd, Bodner in 4th and Kern in 5th. Results pending
protest by several sailors.
A good chance to test the new to follow.

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telltale said...

Great work, Steve!!!


max said...

Hello Steve,

I'd like to contact you to have informations on the new Warp 2009.
I'm Aurélien Le Métayer (FRA 105).
My email is




USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

Hey Aurélien
I had a chance to see and sail the 2009 north sails recently in Miami.
They represent a big change form previous years by using a more high aspect rig: shorter boom length.
This should result in better upwind performance and better control.
There is less downhaul tension than previous years but still more than the NP and Maui Sails.
It seems the sails have less shape built in below the boom- resulting in a draft that is further back in the sail.
In terms of performance- I think their maximum potential is reached when they are powered up in the breeze.
They handle well and accelerate out of the turns very good- almost better than the Maui sails.