Thursday, June 4, 2009

As smooth as butter

Last nights session just came together as I didn't get on the water till 6:45 but was the last off at 8pm with the sun still going down under the Golden Gate Bridge.The tide line was amazing to watch along the city front course as the woodies made their way up the beach past the Presidio shoal in their Wednesday night StFYC series.
I sailed the Friday night course a few times and practiced transitions on the inside- gybing around B and rounding X..
There was a river of flood @ X that made any small mistake at least a few board lengths lost to leeward.

3/4 of the way up the beat to the bridge, the water was as smooth as silk in the middle of the Bay with a decent 2-3k flood tide running through.
The tide line is an interesting thing to sail over and through- all sorts of weird eddies and a wall of water to sail over- in this case, a mere 6".
The board chatters beautifully in these conditions- absolutely flying off the breeze with an extra 2-3k of board speed with the current.
Its time like these when I Iook around and realize the beauty of this place.
The marin headlands are just soaked in an intense Pacific orange glow.
No one else around for at least a 1 mile radius.
A few dolphins make their way towards the ocean against the incoming tide.

As I approach the south tower, things lined up completely different as the tide line was a 2-3' sea of voodoo chop.
My goal is to get around the red nun buoy just outside the tower.
I power through the zone- in what can only be described as a sea of intensely moving moguls.
The only way to approach this is to charge through- 100% committed!

I turn the corner with my foot firmly planted in the leeward chicken strap as wind has strengthen to the mid 20's
15 gybes later and I'm back Crissy field but resist a few minutes longer with a few Anita rock roundings. The flood slightshots me around as I practice a few more gybes off the beach
Adam was there to capture a few of the runs.

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bry said...

Beautiful prose Steve-o!