Sunday, June 1, 2014

Twilight series

Friday night racing may 30.5 races in 18-24k. Ebb switching to flood on inside.
Looked windy before the race so I rigged ml89 & new 7.7 avanti with borrowed 57cm f4 from from Crad.
1 practice lap and I knew it was too light for that set up to be competitive. I came in and rigged 10.0 avanti and switched to Kashy 64 and just made 1st start but a few seconds late in 2nd row. Boom wasn't extended far enough so it was a handful in the gust and as a result wasn't able to put the hammer down.
The new m2 avanti has 3 horizontal grommets at the clew which take advantage of pulling the leach from different vectors and de powering the sail but as it was only my 2nd time on the sail & I still haven't got the settings dialed in yet but can feel a big difference when laced through the inside or outside grommets.
Crad extended on his lead from the start and got the first bullet of the evening on his np9.5 and 167 with Tom & Eric close behind and me in 4th.

2nd race.
Quick relacing if the booms to inside grommet for more control and sail felt better.  Off the line good but had to give up a bit upwind as I had sail really flat in gust.
Maybe more batten pressure is needed or better finessing of the board and fin upwind. The ml89 is tricky. You need to sail it incredible efficient to stay in the groove but once there it pays dividends!

Tom and Eric called the layline well in the ebb as I overstood. Downwind at buoy A there was lots off voodoo chop and Tom went down hard on the jp board  & Maui sails just in front of me. The ML 89 really excels in these conditions as I was able to sail right over chop and around Tom.
Eric's got a good handle on making his kit work on the breeze despite being a few years old and kept the pace getting the bullet in race 2 with me just behind & Crad pushing hard for 3rd.
Jean had his best race as he's been sailing the course on his slalom gear and pulled off a 4th!
Race 3 - Course B. Good angle. speed & control off the line & up the 1st beat as I eased the outhaul and opened up the sail and was able to maintain my lane. M. I called the layline well and stayed in control the whole race for the bullet. Wind was 20-25 and kit was starting to shine. Key to sailing the smaller board is to keep it in 5th gear all the time.
Tom squeaked into 2nd just in front of Eric to round out the top group.

Race 4. Again a tight race between Eric Tom and I but I gave up a few small battles that cost me some key places upwind & had to take some sterns. I may be better off on the 167 or jp board  but the smaller board is way more comfortable especially in the wound conditions we sail on the SF city front.
It was course C again and Jean on his new loft sails made an impressive push as he gybed right through me and powered by me on the reaching leg but went down hard at x as he tried to gybe and face planted!
Eric got the bullet while Tom and I were just behind.
Final race. Flood tide beginning to build at start line. I gave up some upwind as Tom squeezed me off but held on waiting for him to make a mistake on course B during the first few gybes but he sailed perfectly to take the last bullet if the evening with Eric in hot pursuit for 3rd.

Just 2 points separating the top 3 after 5 races with Eric on top and me just edging out Tom for the tiebreaker.

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