Friday, April 24, 2015

Breaking through the Wall

Week 2 of the St.FYC Thursday Night Kiteboarding Series.

1 mark at a time, I'm going to get around this course- even if it takes me the whole series.
It took just about everything I had to make downwind to the starting line, up the 1st beat, around the weather mark then back to the beach in survival conditions. The wind was a spastic 15-25k and I had the 7m ozone edge out on the foil board for the 2nd time ever.

Normally I switch to windsurfing when its over 20k but this was race night.
It was time to take my beatings!

I've reached a plateau of sorts in that I can ride the foil board pretty steadily - and even make my way upwind but for the life of me, I can't go deeper than a beam reach on starboard tack.  Port tack's a bit easier downwind but still another 20-30 degrees to go.

There's both a mental and physical barrier to get through this wall. I've crossed it once before and omfg- was it scary. The generation 1 spots foil starts wobbling side to side instead of the normal front to back when you send it fast downwind but then, so Ive heard, it becomes a bit easier once the apparent wind comes forward and the kite moves down in the window. The hesitation comes from being yanked over the front repeatingly when trying to send it deep.

I can picture it in my head.
I understand the concept.
But my body just isn't letting me do it yet.

Granted I'm in this way deeper than I ever imagined.
Foiling is one of the most exciting things I've ever done.
The feeling of flying above the water, with out a sound is awesome.
But I realize I'm still in my infancy in this sport- putting in less than 75 days over the past 2 seasons.
What comes for granted for some who've been at this sport for the past 10 years, is taking me everything just to figure out.

But there lies the fun of it- or so I try to convince myself.
While I would love to just skip this step and jump into expert mode, I'm prepared to pay my dues on this one. The most rewarding things in life are usually the things you have to overcome yourself.
A personal transformation of sorts.
One step at a time.

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