Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Equinox

Today, March 20th is Spring equinox.
The center of the sun is vertically above the Earth's Equator.
It Happens only 2x a year!
Historically, it opens the spring season but for sailors, it represents the end of winter!
And with that come some traditions.

The story goes:
During one particularly harsh winter a small group of these workers led by Bob Turner at Annapolis Harbor Boatyard decided that they would do something about these long, cold winters. They set up a paint tray with some wood and a little fuel to get it started, doffed their socks, placed them in the inferno and broke out an ice cold case of Budweiser. Having done this, they decreed an end to winter and commenced with activities that were more in line with the newly decreed spring season. Mother Nature, having recognized when she had been outdone, acquiesced and banished the winter weather for the season.
I think Ill stick to my traditions and just go windsurfing instead.
Forecast is 15-25k at the Golden Gate
Happy Spring.

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