Saturday, March 14, 2009

sunset slalom

Its been a blessing in disguise but my one board and sail quiver has got me out on the water 5 days in the last week. The season officially started last weekend with daylight savings kicking in giving us an extra hour of daylight to play with at the end of the day. Combined with a late afternoon ebb at the end of the week, Ive been dialing in my ML slalom and 6.3 north warp. There's something to be said about sailing the same gear over and over- really getting to know how the board gybes and in how much power you get by cracking off and inch or 2 of outhaul.
Just as you get comfortable, windsurfing always seems to dish you a serving of humble pie- even after 22 years of sailing!
I got tossed today- catapulting myself head over heels- still hooked in, lying twisted in a heap- entangled in my rig, wondering what the hell just happened.
Ah but, its all worth it with awe inspired moments at the south tower of the Golden Gate bridge. Friday night I got carried up to Ft. Point on the ebb tide and got the chance to revisit on of my favorite spots. Just outside the south tower was a gnarly set of rolling and breaking waves. 10 meters in at the tower, lay the smoothest water you could ever imagine gybing on. Every few sets, the swell would break through to give you a standing wave to ride all the way over to Ft. Point. Its an exilerating feeling being swept backwards up a wave face while you come charging down the line. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!
I ended the evening off with a rules seminar at STFYC where Bryan and I got some good tipes from Dave Perry about the new racing rules for the 2009 season. Check them out here

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