Monday, August 17, 2009

Finding the Zone

Saturdays Calcup turned into an exercise in frustration as I struggled to stay ontop and get my head around a new course. Racing was set in the lee of Treasure Island, just shy of the wind line in the middle of 2 dozen anchored barges! In more than a few cases, I got stuck double and triple tacking between the barges, their wind shadows and the raging flood tide. A 30 second shlog around the leeward mark wasn't helping much either as boards planed in from both sides around me!
A few small things got me out of the zone and I wasnt able to get my head back in the game. After 3 races, I called it quits and sailed in, missing the last race.
On the contrary, last Friday nights Twilight series found me sailing on top and taking 1,1, 2,2 for the night.
Im not sure what I can attribute it to but finding the zone is a critical part of sailing well.
For me, that involves sailing the course 20-30 minutes before the first start and having the right rig for the conditions.
I wasnt able to do that for Saturday as I arrived late and was underpowered on a 10.0.
Alot of racing is won before you even get to the starting line.
Despite the obscure location, light and shifty winds, and lack of visible laylines I should have instead focused my efforts on racing the fleet.
At the end of the day, that's what you're there to do...not to let the little distractions overcome you!
Speaking of distractions....Patrik Pollok just posted this awesome video from the speed worlds in Greece last week. One of the best video projects Ive seen to date. A great way to market our sport.

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