Monday, August 31, 2009

This past week, I began to gear up for my trip to the Formula worlds in Spain in next weeks.
The 11.0 has been getting some time on the water with the new north adjustable base.
My plan is to use it with the 12.3 in the light light stuff expected for the Worlds.
Im hoping it gives me a little advantage for putting more range in the sail- especially if Im stuck on the water and not able to return to shore between races.
The HPL carbon boom end has been re-inforced yet again!
This time I think its good to go!
Ive been running the 72-2 xxs kashy with the track back at 75% on the starboard 160 in the lightest of stuff. The fin is very responsive to pumping when trying to pump up onto a plane- more so than the 70 xs kashy but it tops out sooner- especially in the chop.

Ive also begun to sail more with the uphaul. It really makes a difference in the light stuff when you need to get the rig upright and full of power. Sailing with only 1 arm on the boom really stretches out the forearms. More bananas please!

Up later this week is the Bridge to Bridge race with the skiffs and the kites.
After lining up with Chip, Gomes and Gebi earlier this summer, its apparent the kites are going really deep with their course boards and kites loops. Its no contest anymore against the formula board DDW. As long as I dont end up shish-ka-bobed on the front end of 18's, its should all be good.
The skiffs have neen out all week racing on the city front.

Photo credit: Abner Kingman


Anonymous said...

oh wow, have a good trip, and good luck! Here's sth for you SF locals to compare notes:

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
I sail in FE and have only one sail size 11.0
Do you change your downhaul setting to match the conditions?
I ask that because I've read a lot about sailors who leave the downhaul the same in all the range, maybe because they can change for a samaller sail when the wind picks up.
Thanks, goo luck.

USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

Thanks for the cuisinary inspiration.
Looking forward to being back in Europe again :)

USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

Ive begun to experiment with the north adjustable down-haul in hopes that it can give the sails more range- especially if you are caught on the water with no chance to change rigs and the conditions change.
Any chance to fine tune is a good idea by me.
Of course if you get the chance to change rigs- even better!

Poker Age said...

All in due time.