Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Formula's on!

Some preliminary reports form the first day of racing at the formula windsurfing world championships in Mendoza, Argentina.
Sadly watching the event from afar this year but with interest.
With less than 6 months from last years worlds in Spain, there are no less than 10 new boards and 4-5 sail brands with updated rigs. Micah and Antoine are back in the mix with most of the pros in attendance, a strong south american contingent and several french and dutch sailors.
Internet connection looks to be very limited on site but here are several links:

Official site:

French updates:

Day 1's results are mixed as the wind looked very unstable with sailors desperately changing between their biggest (12m) and smallest rigs (10m) to save face.
Paulo BRA3333 looks in control in the breeze while it may be anyone's game in the light stuff.
Last years champ, Steve Allen is sailing consistent with a 1,3 and sitting atop after day 1.