Thursday, June 3, 2010

formula and slalom equipment for sale

Every windsurfer knows you can never have too much windsurfing gear.
There's a sail, board and fin for every condition.
Maybe one here for you....

2007 North Warp 6.3 slalom sail (available w/ or w/out mast) B condition

North viper 430cm

Booms: HPL formula & slalom booms, Maui sails formula boom
(available w/ or w/out adjustable racing rigging)

Boards: F2 sx 105l medium slalom board + 36 cm fin B condition
F2 sx 125l large slalom board + 42cm fin A+ condition

If there's something you dont see and want, just ask, its probably in my garage somewhere.

contact me @ bodnersp @ gmail . com for more info