Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 5 US Windsurfing Champs

5 days of full on racing finally took its toll on me.
Despite wanting to keep going, the body said no more and I wisely listened.

I sat the final 3 slalom heats out after swimming around the first slalom marks- totally out of energy. Sometimes, when the body talk, you need to listen.
Earlier the day, we got our final 2 course races in.
Determined to get Al and Crad who were just a few points in front of me, I went out early again to get prepared and feel comfortable around the course. I had the 10.7 dialed. The flood tide was ripping and everything felt great. Unfortunately I pulled the trigger 1 second late at the start as CRad got the jump from below me and shot out. I was buried in the 2nd row. With bad air the rest of the race, I never was able to get it going.
For the final race, the wind was up to 16-22k and the chop an ever increasing factor on the course- especially downwind. I got off the very well and was the first to the shore taking advantage of the lift right to the top mark. The guys that started above me all over stood and I was looking in good shape rounding in the top 5
Downwind though was another story. With the marks almost 2.25 miles apart- it was going to be a long ride. The w-end bot traffic was out. The course was crowed with ferries, container ships, fishing boats and pleasure boats. I was already starting to get overpowered with the super soft Z fin and had my foot firmly planted in the double chicken for control until I ran into what seemed like 5 sets of voodoo chop right after another.
On the last one my nose plowed into the final set and I went down hard.
It took me another minute to get it all back together and I fought back on the next 3 legs like I never have before and was just able to overcome Eric a few meters before the finish. I thought I might have gotten S3 as we were overlapped at the finish but he had the advantage being to weather. It came down to the last point and I was able to squeeze S3 out and make the top 10 overall.
Chris and Al both sailed excellent races and got me in the end. I really admire the effort they put into their programs the past years building a brand new fin company from the ground up when they didnt have access to good fins in the limited world of high performance windsurfing parts.
They may not have it all right now but they are certainly doing something right.

A bit further up in the fleet, Seth was battling it out with Aurlien for 4th place overall.
They were practicably match racing up the final beats throwing in tack after tack and totally forgot about Fernando behind them who slipped in front of Seth and Aurlien and eliminated any chance Seth had to pick up 4th place.
Even in the hardest fought battles, you cant forget about the big picture.
And finally at the top, McGain took the final bullet after Paulo sat out the last race knowing he could use throw out and still win. A very impressive regatta by both never out of the top 2 exuding their throw outs!
Final results
Paulo dos Rios crowned the course racing champion.
Phil McGain crowned the overall Formula North American champion and overall champion- placing the best in all 3 disciplines and winning the inaugural Bill Weir memorial trophy.
Finally it was Wilhelm Schurmann taking the slalom after Peter Bilj had an OCS in the 3rd slalom final.
A superb week of sailing hosted by the StFYC.
Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and RC that made it happen.

here's some video- about 1/2 through the slalom racing start...enjoy!

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