Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday night racing July 16

Strange evening of racing as big breeze never showed up but was
present around parts of course.
Big lulls. Big Midwest lake sailing all over again.
I rigged Np 9.5 with base at 36cm and 3.5" downhaul. Mast track at
45" from fin screw. Booms 85% up in sleeve.
Kashy 70 xs.
Fluekey and shifty racing in 10-20k
Missed a few key puffs otherwise good performance. Sometimes it's all
about timing as I rounded top mark in 2nd or 3rd in light breeze and
gybed to outside for breeze while 20 sec later guys from behind get
big puff straight to gybe mark.
That's racing! You try to eliminate the variables but sometimes it's
beyond your control.
I overstood top mark in race 1w/ strong ebb and lost out Al. Bra999
sailed much faster and better angle.
Ocs in race 3 as I pulled trigged too early not accounting for ebb.
Crad and al on f4 going consistantly well. Wells sailing better w/
ML10 and north 10.0.
Others were up and down in the shifts.
I finished strong 2nd behind bra999 in last race when I really put my
mind into it. You've got to really want it to get it!
Speed good.
Still need angle as bra999 was going higher but good on rest of fleet.
Should have had 10.7 in hindsight.
Always rig for lulls!
Finished 4th behind al crad and bra999.
Good prep for upcoming us nationals in SF starting on 20th.


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