Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rebuilding the fleet from the bottom up

For the 2nd year in a row, the StFYC has expanded their Friday night slalom windsurf racing series to focus on less of the technical and more on the fun. The result has been better participation and an increased awareness of windsurf racing. We're getting people that have never engaged in the competitive side of the sport to enter a beer can race for the first time. The secret- make it easy and make it fun.

The slalom format is simple with a broad reach start as fast as you can go and 4 downwind gybe marks with the entire fleet in close pursuit. No special equipment is needed but like any sport you can get as geeked out on your quiver as your budget allows. Each race only last 2-3 min so if you have a bad start or fall at the mark you've got your another chance with the next race just moments away.
Slalom racing is all about good board handling, but if you can gybe- you can race.
When it gets windy, like it was for the 1st St.FYC Friday night slalom race of the season on May 20th, you may even be better off on bump and jump gear than traditional slalom gear. 14 racers braved a gusty 15-25k sea breeze and strong flood tide on the city front for 5 races starting just off Anita Rock and finishing moments later off the race deck of the St.FYC. All windsurfers are invited and just about the entire spectrum shows up. This year we have windsurf foilers, diehard slalom racers and newbies showing up on bump and jump gear. 
We kicked off the season 2 weeks ago with a shared rules seminar with the kite fleet. The incentive for attending was a 1st place on an extra race for the season. Those that missed out- got a DNC.
Needless to say- we had a lot in the crowd who had no idea of how the rules worked, but they left with a better understanding that even if you are right, collisions are slow and not the fastest way to get around the course.
3 more St.FYC Friday night races are planned for the season in addition to the Crissy Field Slalom Series run on the same course 4 Saturdays throughout the summer. More info on this seasons racing schedule can be found here.


James Douglass said...

Nice! How did you do, and how did the foiling windsurfer measure up to the other craft?

Steve Bodner said...

Hey James
I did RC for the first night as its a requirement for the series.
The foiling windsurfer was able to make it around the course but not competitive yet with the other slalom boards.