Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bring what you've got and ride it.

I was able to come out with all guns firing on day 1 of the Crissy Field Slalom Series grabbing 6 out of 9 bullets to win the A fleet. Just like picking your line around the gybe mark, picking the right equipment is all part of the game. You've got to use every advantage you can on the race course to win.  The 89cm board mikes lab board and 10m avanti membrane rig allowed me to get a strong start every race and come out of the gybes powered up while the guys on smaller gear were often late to the start or came off a plane at the mark roundings. I've been racing on the SF city front for the past 16 years and know that the inside is always hit or miss so you want to be prepared. In most cases, you want to survive the gusts, but when racing on the city front, do not let your weakness become a vulnerability. While the 10m rig and 89 cm board isn't necessarily the quickest on a reach while the wind is up- it does have huge advantages in getting up planning sooner and through the light spots quicker.

Everything you need in life should fit in a VW van!

However, the 10.0 does have some disadvantages- you need some room to gybe. Luckily I found myself in the lead most of the races and didn't have to deal with much traffic. Anytime you get close to someone- disaster is likely to strike. I got taken out on the start of race 1 as TUR-92 decided to make some space between the pin end of the starting line and my 10m as I went for it, The result- we both went down. I was able to rally and finish in 4th. On the 7th race- I was arriving to the start line super early and knew about 10 seconds Id be over early without hesitating and letting the fleet roll me. Strategically, it made sense for me to draw over as many people over early  as I could with a big lead already established. I went for it accelerating and drew another 3 sailors OCS with me. The result- they use their throw out while I've got a cushion to rest upon.

Yes, the conditions were a bit variable with lighter winds on the inside of the course but given the choice, I think most racers still preferred racing than sitting in the beach waiting for ideal conditions that may or may not have come. While everyone has to race in the same wind, the one variable you have control over is the equipment you select.
For me it's a no brainier- I pick the the equipment that's going to get me around the race course fastest whether its a 89cm board on the slalom course or a kite foil on the windward leeward course.

A huge thanks to the Crissy Field Slalom Series sponsors, race team and volunteers that made it all happen, Without you  we'd just be going back and forth...
Results- here

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