Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Formula Worlds Day 3

Slow day here as the wind hardly showed up.
The girls fleet was sent out first as the men got the last race yesterday. With only a fleet of 17 they were able to get a race off while the wind was still relativly up. Watching the winner overstand the last mark and come in hot to the finish really emphasized the need to stay powered at all cost.
I took note and rigged the 12.3 with a bit less downhaul so that I could at least get going. Worrying about top end was not so important vs sitting there not planning at all!
At around 4:20 the mens fleet tried for race 6 but it was too little with 80 boards on the line and a big thunderstrorm approaching and killing the wind. I managed a good start already heading down the line towards the pin at the 5 min gun. At about 20 sec I was the furthest one down the line towards the pin and began pumping like mad to get going. I got off the line planning and towards the shore but about 2 min later the race was abandoned. Nonetheless a good effort!
Looks like we will get some wind later this week so I'm hopeful I can
dig my way out of the middle of the fleet and move up the scoreboard onto the first page of results!!!

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