Friday, September 18, 2009

Formula Worlds Day 5

Windsurfing is such a fickle sport.
Some days you're the cats meow.
Other days you cant find your way out of a box.
Today was one of those days.

Nothing seemed to go my way to matter how hard I tried.
Every shift, I found myself on the wrong end of.
Every sail choice was the wrong one.
My fins were going backwards.
With 2 throwouts, I might have well slept in till 4pm and got a fresh start.

You'd think at the World championships I would have figured these things out...or at least stayed home but then again you never know if you dont try.

I never really found my groove and struggled the whole day in the middle of the fleet.
We ran 4 races on a double windward-leeward course- finishing downwind just in front of the beach. The wind was pretty shifty with no side constantly paying off.
I went left. I went right, I even went up the middle a few upwind legs

In race 1, I took the 11.0 and 70cm kashy which seemed to go backwards. I didint have any power or angle upwind. I came in totally frustrated and was just about to switch to the 12.3 for race 2 when the wind jumped up to the mid to upper teens so I settled again for the 11.0 and got a bit better angle with the increased pressure. Getting buried at the start didnt help as the port tackers plowed right through my line!
In these short races, once you get stuck in the middle of the pack, its really hard to get out as everybodys got similar speed and angle.
In the 3rd and 4th race I switched down to the 67 kashy as the chop was building and wind up to 18-20k. With some better angle and speed off the wind, I was feeling better but still stuck in the middle with no where to go.

With one more day to go, there's still a chance to finish strong and any opportunity to learn something is worth it.
Up in front its the usual suspects who are making it look easy.

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