Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pre worlds training.

Welcome to Santa Pola Spain, site of the 2009 Formula World Championships.

International competitors have been ariving all week in prep for the biggest Formula Windsurfing event this year. 100+ of the fastest sailors are expected from around the world. At the moment the Spanish Champs are going on now here but no foreigners allowed!

That's given me a bit more of a chance to informally line up with lots of top sailors in a non racing format. I've taken the opportunity to test fins and fine tune my equipment for the best performance. So far the 12.3 north warp and 73xxs kashy on the starboard 160 are going good but hopeful I'm going to get the chance to use the 10.0 in stronger winds, like I've practiced all season. Racing for the World Championships commence early in the week and run thru the wekend.

Results and photos can be found at www. and when I can, updates here & at

More to come over the next few days.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve: good luck at SP! Full fleet racing - should be interesting. chris bel29