Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 US Windsurfing National Championships is the official website for the upcoming 2010 US Windsurfing National Championship and Formula North American Championship.
The regatta will be hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club from Tuesday July 20th to Saturday July 24th.
Disciplines include course racing, downwind slalom, long distance and freestyle all at Crissy Field on the San Francisco waterfront.
Registration, NOR and a who's coming list has been posted.
Don't say we didn't warn you....
It's gonna be EPIC!

I remember my first US Nationals like it was yesterday-1994 Lorain Ohio- 2nd place in the IMCO heavyweight division. A right of passage!
Every year, a different location.
Always a great time.
Ive always tried to make as many as I could- each year gaining a few spots in the ranks
We had at least 1 Nationals in Georgia in prep for the '96 Olympics- huge swell as I recall.
Kent with his flaming booms! Long-boarding was still king
'98 was the first year I sailed in SF at the Nationals.
Rounding Alcatraz in the long distance race seemed like a huge feat!
3 years later I was here permanently!
After 2003, the formula class gained momentum with some unbelievable racing at the nationals in Corpus Christie, the Gorge and SF.
2004 saw 80+ formula boards on the line in SF with classic conditions.
2005 was epic in the gorge. Slalom at its best!

2006 saw the US Nationals In Maui in 30-40k. 5 of us ran formula in 30-40k w/ 7.0 slalom rigs. Somehow I took the bullet

2007 was the last time we had the nationals in SF. Besse cleaned up. I held onto a respectable 2nd.

2009 saw great racing in the Gorge with local Bruce Peterson claiming rights to his river!
2010 is shaping up to be huge with several top international pros coming to SF for the first time.
Freestyle is back on venue with Wyatt and crew putting on the show at the beach.
Doc Doolittle will be back as the announcer.
You wont want to miss this one.


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to know where I could get the final results of the 1994 US Windsurfing Nationals in Lorain, Ohio, would you? I helped organize the event (I hope you have good memories, but have lost contact with most of the others. My husband competed & I was curious to see where he placed after all these years. Feeling a bit nostalgic because he just passed away.

USA 4 Steve Bodner said...

I put a request out for the results through us windsurfing but I think I may have the in my journals somewhere. It may take me some time to find.
Who was your husband?
I ask because we are a pretyy small group of enthusiast and it hurts me to hear that weve lost one of our own.