Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is there more to life than windsurfing?

No I havnt given up windsurfing just yet...just adjusting my schedule a bit to accommodate some new goals. During this off season, I will be concentrating a bit more on my architectural career vs windsurfing. I'm hoping to knock off a few off the ARE exams this winter and over the next 2 winters (and leaving the summers for windsurfing) so that I can become a registered architect.
Yes, there is more to life than windsurfing...something I never thought Id say!

Nonetheless, I was super exited to pick up my new ML10 formula board a few weeks ago at the Lab in northern Californian. Its always a fun trip up to see the maestro Zajicek and his lab in full action.
There are various states of formula boards and slalom boards in mid construction. Blanks of foam perched on the wall, waiting to become a finished product; boards vacuum wrapped to the rocker table halfway to their life and finally sitting their on the main table was the lightest formula board Ive picked up... 7.8 kg of pure craftsmanship.
Honestly Id rather give my $ to no one else knowing the hard work and dedication that goes into building a custom board. Seeing the other repairs he does to production boards, I noticed the inconsistencies, sub par work and materials that go into production boards and ask myself if its really worth it. Sure, it might be cheaper but Ive learned the lesson one wants to blow out a fin box in the middle of a regatta or have their foot go right through the deck of the board. When you buy a ML board, you know its going to be exactly like the one produced before it and exactly like the one produced after it. You cant say that with a production board!
I only managed 2 sessions in very light winds on the new board before leaving for the holidays . It did seem to pop up on a plane sooner than my old 160 and go pretty damn fast but its going to take some adjusting to find the sweet spot in terms of angle and speed.
My goals this season are simple: Improve my upwind angle.
Something Ive been struggling with for several seasons. I gave up quite a few positions at the Worlds and even losing the US Nationals because I couldn't match my competitors angle upwind.
Furthermore, Im going to be putting some different sails into the quiver this year to see how it helps the program. Ill stick with what I know works well- the north 10.0 and will be trying out the NP evo2 10.7. Not much traveling on the agenda this season so Ill leave the 12.0 out of the equation and concentrate on racing in SF.

So if you dont hear much from me over the next few months, its not because I'm not thinking about windsurfing every moment just like you but rather the mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes are currently taking up their spots on the top of my brain.
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Also, some gear still for sale: north sails 12,3, 11, 10, 9, 8, 6.3, 5.8, north masts 550, 520, HPL booms, F2 105l and 125l slalom boards
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