Friday, September 13, 2013

2013 Ronstan Bridge to Bridge race

Run with what you've got and as fast as you can!

photo credit: Eric Simonson @ pressuredrop

It what has become a uniquely San Francisco sailing competition, the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge race pits kite boarders, windsurfers, skiffs & cameramans against each other & mother nature in an epic 7 mile downwind sprint from the Golden Gate bridge to the Bay bridge. It's a celebration of high performance sailing that never stops innovating.

This year’s running was no exception with foiling kite boarder, Johnny Heineken taking the line honors in front of 69 other sailing craft and shaving almost 2 minutes off last year’s record run.

It what may be the only trickle down we see from the Americas Cup, foiling is finally coming of age!

You may not even recognize it as sailing with the riders levitating almost 4' above the water & being pulled by a kite 25 meters away but that's the reality of high performance sailing today.

 In what started, almost 15 years ago, the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge race has evolved from a 27 minute downwind run set by Charlie McKee & co in a 49er to Micah Buzianis' long time record on a formula windsurfer and finally the Aussie 18's holding dominance for several years. More recently, the kite boards have surpassed every craft out there in terms of down wind speed. Foiling is just a further extension in the evolution of kiting and sailing.

Here's a record of the winning teams & times over the last 15 years:

1998 McKee brothers- 49er 27'18"
1999 Bill Wier- windsurfer 25'20"
2000 Vlad Moroz Windsurfer 21'20"
2001 Rob Hartman, Windsurfer 20'20"
2002 Chip Wasson, Kiteboarder 18'04"
2003 Micah Buzianis, Windsurfer 16'12"
2004 Seth Besse, Windsurfer 27'10"
2005 Anthony Chavez, Kiteboarder 17'54"
2006 Jeff Kafka, Kiteboarder 20'28"
2007 Chip Wasson, Kiteboarder 16'30"
2008 Howie Hamlin,Mike Martin, Paul Allen, Aussie 18 22'25"
2009 John Winning, David Gibson, Andrew Hey. Aussie 18'19"
2010 Michael Coxon. Trent Barnabasa, Aaron Links Aussie 18 19'41"
2011 Bryan Lake, Kiteboarder 16'15"
2012 John Heineken, Kiteboarder 14'14"
2013 John Heineken, Kiteboarder 12'00"

It’s a free for all on the starting line with a fleet spectator boats, upside down skiffs, kites and windsurfers all charging downwind to cross the starting line set just outside the Golden Gate bridge.
photo credit: Eric Simonson @ pressuredrop

I chose the fastest set up I had- a custom mikes lab 89cm slimmed down version of a formula windsurfer, 61 cm kashy fin and avanti 10.0 rig. That kept me on pace with the front of the pack as I ducked in between skiffs and kites moments after the start.

Everyone has different angles so it takes a few minutes after the start for everyone to settle into their groove and avoid any major collisions.

photo credit: Eric Simonson @ pressuredrop

Windsurfer, Soheil Zahedi had a close call with the 49er who nearly took of his head but somehow escaped unscathed as both crafts charged on downwind without missing a beat.
photo credit: Eric Simonson @ pressuredrop

I errored on the side of caution ducking a few sterns so as to just stay alive and make it to the finish. 

Mike Percey, longtime Bay area windsurfer was just ahead of me 1/2 way down the run as we made our way through the boiling waters between Alcatraz and Pier 39. I could tell he was a bit more comfortable on his 57cm fin and similar 89cm mini formula board as he was able to go just a bit deeper with every puff and slowly walk away.

I made one more gybe as we approached the bay bridge and the pressure was dropping and came in hot to a line starboard tackers of skiffs, kites and windsurfers on the layline to the finish.

A quick gybe back put me just shy of making the finish line but I was able to get out of the harness and pump for the last 30 seconds and squeeze into 2nd behind Mike as we rounded out the top group.
As expected, the kites dominated with 9 out of the top 10 spots and foilers taking the top 2 spots. Tom Siebel's MOD 70 Orion was the only multi hull to keep pace with the kites finishing an impressive 5th while Smart Recruiters, an Extreme 40 catamaran and YAMAHA, an aussie 18 skiff just edged Mike and I out and the rest of the windsurfers who took 13-19th place.

Overall- one of the funniest races of the year with a great awards ceremony at the St. Francis Yacht Club following the race to a full house of sailing enthusiast. 

Full results here

A huge thanks to Ronstan and Alan Prussia for putting on the event as well as the race crew at the St.FYC. And the biggest thanks of all to our local board builder- Mike Zaijcek who has built almost everyone of the windsurf and kite boards in our fleet. In the last few years, his boards have won almost every major windsurfing and kiteboarding competition, including the bridge to bridge, world championships, speed championships and now open foiling championships.

In Mike we trust!

And finally- more video of the Aussie 18s, with bridge to bridge highlights starting around 3:50- enjoy!