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Name: Steve Bodner
Sail number: USA-4
Born: Toledo, Ohio
Currently living: San Francisco, Ca
Height: 6'-4"
Weight: 170 lbs
Favorite beach: Crissy Field just east of the golden gate bridge on the San Francisco Bay
Windsurfing since: 1987
Disciplines: Formula & slalom
Boards: Starboard 167 & custom mikes lab 70cm slalom board
Sails: Neil Pryde & Avanti for formula & North sails for slalom
Wetsuits: Patagonia
Club: St. Francis Yacht Club
 Words to live by: "If by winning, you haven't won the respect of your competitors, you haven't completely won"- Paul Elvstrom

Steve is a natural fit for competitive windsurfing…tall thin and a strong sailing background. To his competitors, he is known as "the human lever" for his tall, stretched-out stance on the board to counterbalance the force of the rig.  With over 25 years on the water competing, he is one of the top amateur racers in the country and well known around the world for his regatta reports at major events.

It all began with a bet with his parents at the age of 12 that Steve wouldn't watch TV for an entire year in exchange for his first windsurfer. It is the same dedication and drive that still continues to move him today!

Steve got his start racing dinghies on the Great Lakes in the mid 80's but soon switched to the Olympic class windsurfer to pursue a chance at representing his country at the Olympic games. 3 Olympic trials and multiple regional, national & world championships later, he has become a recognizable face in the world of windsurfing. In addition to racing, Steve's helps mentor & coach some of the younger generation of US windsurfers coming up through the circuit. 

Presently, Steve is active in both the formula windsurfing and slalom racing in the US based from his home in San Francisco, Ca- which allows his to train and race on an active basis on the San Francisco Bay. 

While windsurfing is Steve's passion, he works as an architectural designer consulting for several firms through his own design studio- sb design which focuses on visual communication for architecture & design. He is currently pursuing his California architectural license & is a certified LEED AP professional in sustainable design.


Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

G'day Steve
I am visiting SF for AC finals in Sept, is there any slalom racing in or around the bay at that time.

USA-4 Steve Bodner said...

No slalom racing in sept but formula racing.
Schedule at