Monday, March 14, 2022

2022 No Strings attached Wing Foil Regatta


22 years of going around the San Francisco city front course.

Somethings never change.

I managed a few good races Sunday after missing Saturdays light air racing.

Conditions were 12-16k and ebb tide.

I rigged my 90l board, 5m v2 wasp & ML 1100 foil

We got off 5 races & 4 of them in the top 5 in the fleet of 35. 

Racing was tight with an upwind start & upwind leg with 1-2 tacks to mix things up before an downwind leg & 2 reaches to the finish. I got off the line clean in race 1 & 2, made my foiling tacks, and kept my speed & position for 4th in both races with Johnny, Joe & Fonz at the top of the fleet. 

Race 3 I managed to fall after rounding the top mark after I breached my foil sending it downwind for speed. Crashing is never fast. A quick recovery and back in the middle of the back to finish in 12th

15 min break ashore to recharge.

Drone footage by Jamy Donaldson

Race 4- Good start with speed up the first beat. Alex goes down hard in front of me. Soon it's Chip and I trading crossings on the downwind leg, with Johnny, Joe, Fonz & Ben ahead. Luckily, I got the last crossing and slipped into 5th by calling the lay line early and pumping downwind. 

Race 5- Good start and speed up the first beat with the 1100 foil as ebb was lighting up and the flood starting on the inside of the course. I had one tack to make to round the top mark in  3rd but blew it. It was catch up from there but managed to stay in top 5 till last leg where Fonz pulled past me with better speed.  That's the difference between the 1000 and 1100 foils.

Overall fun racing format but think I prefer more slalom for wing racing.

Or maybe my tacks just need to get better!

Thanks to the 35 wingers who showed for racing, the St.FYC for continuing to push the envelope of board sailing, and the volunteers who made it happen + uptop media for the amazing footage.

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