Friday, May 16, 2003

2003 Friday May 16- SF

First Friday night race of the season! Overall I had really good speed and angle tonight on most of the fleet as I’ve been on the water for the past month or 2 getting my gear tuned up for the SF Formula season. Tuned equipment makes a big difference in these short races, as speed is probably the most important thing here in a 7 min race. I was sailing my Mistral Devil 2 with R-12 Debocheit 70 cm fin with a north warp 9.8 in 15-20 knot breeze and flat water.

Race 1-Good start as I got popped out in front and got the inside shore lift while most of the fleet below me footed out to the breeze outside. I saw 1st 2 boards tack for layline and followed but flood was strong on inside and most of fleet including myself had to tack an extra 2 times to make it around the Anita rock. Downwind I sailed to the shore while breeze was still there. At leeward mark, I was right on US 882’s tail and tried to sail higher than him but with flood tide the better option was to foot. We both tacked at the same time but he got planning sooner and just crossed the finish line in front of me tacking 3rd.

Race 2- Good start with Bill Wier just ahead and the leeward. I had to duck him at layline as he tacked first and was on starboard. Rob Hartman was right up there as well but somehow sailed himself into a hole on the downwind and Bill and I rounded leeward mark close and both sailed on starboard towards the shore. Rob rounded right behind us and immediately tacked, getting out of the flood and managed to beat me across the line for 2nd.

Race 3-Again Devil2 and R12 fin upwind in flat water and medium wind was key. Ben Bamer on same setup as me rounded top mark just in front of me but I was able to get him downwind by sailing deeper and faster and once around the leeward mark covered him to the finish line! Finished 1st

Race 4-Exact repeat of race 2 with Bill and I battling it out. No major mistakes. Finished 2nd!

Race 5- The breeze was dying on the inside strong. The key in this race was going to be to remain in the breeze. My start was way down at the pin end of the line with as much speed as I could get. I immediately popped out in front and stayed in the breeze the whole race, gibing immediately at Anita and tacking back to the outside at the leeward mark.

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