Friday, June 13, 2003

2003 Friday June 13- SF

15-24 knots with flood starting on inside eventually stronger outside by the last race. First race saw Bill Wier, Rob Hartman and myself up in front with Rob pulling the same thing at the leeward mark he did 2 Fridays ago. Trailing Bill and myself at the leeward mark, he had nothing to gain by following us up the finish line so he tacked and got out of the stronger flood tide and managed to just cross me at the finish line. Besides the better current he had the starboard tack advantage when crossing. Nice going Rob!
Race 2- I got sandwiched between Bill and Rob off the starting line and fell off into their wake and rounded the top mark in 4th behind Al. Again at leeward mark I sailed inside and lost another boat who went outside and finished 5th
Race 3-Again slow at start as I had no ability to point off the line with my R14 fin and had to immediately foot off putting myself out of any contention for this race.
Race 4-Better start with clear air off the line and I managed to get up to the layline in the top group but as I went around to tack the rig just slipped right out of my hands. SLOW!
Race 5-Wind was getting really light and flood was still strong on inside as a group of us got caught up and had to double and triple tack to make the top mark. Once that happens, it just follow the leader to the finish line but then again you never know if the guy in front of you is going to make a mistake at the last minute. Never ever give up!

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