Friday, February 2, 2007

Fins for the L7

Every so often I get emails asking for advice on what equipment to use-
Thought I'd share this one. If you found the answer, please leave a comment below.

Hi Steve,My name is Antonio. I've just receved my new L7. Would like some hints about fins to use on. Unfortunatelly Kashy are not availabe for a long time.Wich Deboichet do you think would It fit better? I mean size and rake.Thanks

Hey Antonio-
I think the question about what fin to use on the L7 is still up in the air .We will know at the middle of the end of the season what really works! But by then its too late.
Obvioulsy the Kashy fins seems to be hands down faster in most conditions we've tested.
In lighter winds a softer 67-70 fin , I think will work well as the L7 has a wider tail and will accomodate a softer bigger fin.As the wind increases I think you would be better off for control to move down to a 63-65cm range- not as soft.
Finally when you are really pushing the control in steap chop and 20-30k, you would be better off on a 61-63 cm fin
In regards to rake- a more forward rake will give you better angle- esp in lighter winds but less control.
A more swept back fin- like the c3 or select might give you a bit more control.
It's a question of balance and trade offs- also what you can get!
In regards to the deboichet- perhaps a r17 or 19 soft to extra soft with a good amount of rake (+7) might be a good choice for light to med breeze and then go to a R13 regular rake for more control and options as it gets breezier.
Alot has to do with your sailing style, stance, built and finesse. As you get to know your fins- you can adapt to their strengths and weaknesses. I'd encourage you to test them out yourself and get to know the limits of each particular fin- how far you can push it before it stalls, can you grind off the line or do you need a clear lane off the start. These things are important to know as you build up a fin quiver. It's all about the details! So get out there and test away.
Best of luck,

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