Thursday, June 21, 2007

Twilight Series- June 16th StFYC

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The breeze has been up the past 2 weeks with lots of training. Ill try to let the pictures speak for themselves this time around with a brief race summary.

Race 1- Seth starts just upwind of me and gets the southerly lift off the shore with Al in 2nd. Downwind the pressure is one and I pass Al near the leeward mark to keep a solid 2nd. Breeze is up to solid 20-25k. The fleet is all on 10.0's

Race 2- I decide to put a bit more pressure on Seth knowing my upwind angle is as good or better. We grind off the line and I am able to pinch him off my the first upwind mark. Seth bends a fin bolt after hitting something in the water and retires. Eric and I battle it out downwind with a tight rounding in front of the St. Francis. You know you cant blow that gybe! I round the leeward mark in first with Eric and Al close behind in the solid breeze.

Race 3- I get stuck in a hole just before the start and am late for the start. its catch up time. I pick my way back through the fleet one at a time. Seth and I are neck and neck heading up the last leg. He pushes hard to leeward to make the line. I cant keep his angle for that long and duck below seeing the finish is further that we both think. I tack and cross the line just feet in front of him. Another bullet.

Race 4- Another good start and round up top with Seth but I get the puff and ride it down to make B in one gybe in front of Seth. He gets me back on the downwind where we round the leeward mark with the Red and White ferry crossing between us. Good time to tack I think as it looks light inside. I get a good breeze outside and make the finish in first.

Race 5- Seth and I switch boards. The F2 is a handful in the breeze. Good but just different than the Mikes Lab. It takes more to keep the nose down. I'm glad I got the Lab again this year. It looks like a windy summer ahead!
Thanks to Chris Pommodoro for the great photos- available here

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