Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 1 Bluewater regatta

Its always the case- bring more than 20 windsurfers together for a regatta and there's almost a guarantee the wind will be crap.
That was the case for day 1 of the Bluewater regatta in Miami.
The RC sent us out around 2 pm and we waited for the wind.
Without hesitation, the RC put the flag up for the Formula class.
It was obvious we were still shlogging.
A quick conversation with the RC sent the postponement flag back up.

The formula class waited for another hour on the water as the kona class had their first race then we sailed in as it looked as there was no chance for wind.

Nonetheless it was a good chance to see all the new gear with plenty of homemade florida innovation to keep the sport clicking...
For more info go to the miamiwindsurfing page

In other news it looks like Nancy Rios has qualified the US women for the 2008 Olympic by grabbing the 7th spot at the Worlds in New Zealand. Congrats!

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