Friday, February 29, 2008

Fwd: Race 1 recap

With just 1 race for the formula class today in marginal conditions, it was important to stay ontop of your game.
Keeping in the breeze was more benificial than even choosing the right side.
From the start, it looked like I was out the back door already as I chose to start near the pin with Fernando. We got rolled by the top 15 guys who got off the line. About 20 sec later I was finally able to get clear air and get off the line. Off to the left side I went with the top guys while the rest of the fleet sat on the line. We raced a double windward leeward course.
Up in front was Gonzolo and Sherman but the positions were changing rapidly as there were big holes around the course.
The second upwind I took a big chance and footed to the right side and overstood the last windward mark. It paid off as I gained 5 or 6 boards to finish 8th.
A good show for the first day on the new F2 board.
I was using the 2008 north warp 11.8 with a kashy 70 cm de fin. Most of the fleet was on 11.8s or bigger!
So far the results in the top 10 were:
1 Gonzo
2. Jesper
3 POR5
4 COL1
5 Diaz
6 Antoine
7 Sherman
8 Bodner
9 Britt
10 Fernando

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