Monday, September 8, 2008

Formula Worlds Registration Day

Photo Credit: FormulaWindsurfingClass
For the last few days the wind failed to materialize till the late afternoon when most of the fleet got out on the water- finalizing their decisions of what gear to register and tuning their kits for the World Championship starting Tuesday.
Monday was registration and the last chance for me to decide what board to register. Luckily 2 new kashy fins arrived on Sunday that made both boards go even better than before but the key decision was that the Z board had a bit more angle upwind when things got lighter.
In a 60 board fleet, you're going to need as much grunt off the line as possible
I lined up with a few people and had good results both upwind and downwind. Now the mental part is there it will just be following through on the physical side and getting the job done.
Of course, every day is still fixing and making minor repairs, trying not to stress to much about broken battens and the like.
This World Championship should be something special as the new Formula One Design will be racing with the Formula fleet. 10 kits were provided for Olympic class sailors to use and they have been out there paring and tuning their kits. They general feeling is that the board and fins are decent but the rig still needs work. Nonetheless, the new Formula one design class will have some interesting racing this week with the organization trying out some new formats with a possible metal race at the end of each day??!!
Stay tuned as the event progresses for more info!
I feel really confident in the light stuff which has always been my weak spot and the forecast for the early week looks promising with light winds and a front moving in later in the week for some big breeze on Friday and Saturday.

For the event, Ive registered the 2009 Formula Z with a 72cm-2 kashy xxs, kashy xs 70 cm and a 67 xs kashy. The rigs I am using are a north warp 11.8, 11.0 and 10.0 (Thanks Patrik!)


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Crad fins ?

USA-4 Steve Bodner said...

Ive been testing alot of different fins this year but at the end of the day, the kashy's still seem to be the fastest.
The CRAD fin still has alot of potential, like the IFJU and others but I think there still of r&d to be done to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

Good to see you decided to go for the Z - seems the way to go for the circumstances. And with some new stuff from Dave you should be flying out there. Good luck, chris