Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 equipment review...first glance

Hard to read much from this regatta given the circumstances but...
The JP/ML10 looks to need a bit of fine tuning to get up to speed. I was on the L8 for the race and seemed to have a slight edge on Ron on his new JP. Off the wind he was deeper. Micah had an (obvious) edge on both of us and at most times was pushing BRA999 and BRA3333 in front.
Fernando was on the on the north proto on day 3 going much faster than the 09 norths.
Both he and BRA3333 made the PD board look easy in the light stuff.
Paulo's 2010 north warps looked very powerful and lighter with one less batten in the formula sails this year and finally a roller cam for the bottom batten!
Micah's NP proto was a cross between the evo2 & gaastra instant clew- very clean trailing edge!
I sailed the NP 10.7 evo 2 on Day 1 when the breeze was up to the low-mid 20's with great results. Lots of range, easy to handle, great acceleration and speed. As the wind died in race 2 to under 12k, the 10.7 lacked the power of the 12.3 which I used for the remaining races- all under 14k
Most of the fleet are still using kashy and ifju fins with the wider cut down fins (75cm+) working best in the light breeze.
The new NP boom looks well refined with a full carbon head and wide tail.
2 guys on the *BD HWR stating much improvements from prev. editions and looked faster in the light breeze.

Update: Here's a video of the JP Formula Board in action:

JP Formula 100 Pro from Sebastian Kornum on Vimeo.

The ML10 has the same recessed deck at the mast foot and looks to be 1-1/2 kg lighter despite Mike Z using more glass in is boards vs the full carbon construction of the JP board.
The recessed deck looks to be great for pulling the board around with your front foot at a tack- as shown in the video above.
The double chicken strap should make going downwind in any breeze relatively easy to unload the fin.
I think the biggest variable will be with finding the right mast tract position in relation to your sail and fin size.

Jesper Vesterstrøm (DEN-111) has also put up a review of new starboard boards at
Keep an eye on the upcoming Oceanics and Midwinters for more info how the 2010 boards perform.

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