Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caviliga regatta day 2

With a fast approaching storm this morning, the 3 fleets rushed to get
a race underway but unfortunatlly the squall caused some huge chaos
and the fleets were sent back to shore. Once everything passed, race 3
got underway with the rsx and kona/techno 293 fleets starting and
finally another race for the formula fleet. I had the chance to port
tack the fleet but didn't quite pull the trigger in time and ducked
the first 3 guys at the pin. Off to the right side I banged the corner
and was looking good until I sat parked in a lull as the left side
crossed ahead. From there it was catch up trying to gain as much
tactical advantage over the next 3 legs picking off 1 board at a time
to finish a strong 3 just catching Fernando at the last gybe in front
of the finish. Schurman was OCS with Micah and Paulao taking a
commanding lead.

Thanks to MiamiWindsurfing for the photos
By the time race 4 started the breeze was down to 10-12k and I was
looking for all the power my 12.3 had and 72xxs kashy would give me.
Booms high, outhaul bagged and harness lines long. I even tried my
mast track back to 42" from the front fin screw.
Again a port start with the whole fleet charging the line except for
Micah coming down fast on starboard. I gor off the line well and off
to the right corner with speed but backing down 2x to clear the weeds
on my fin In the light stuff it's important to remember that your
laylines are further than normal. I tacked and came up short having
to tack another 4x to round the top mark. At that time the top 3 were
gone and I struggled to catch the 4 boards who rounded just in front
of me to salvage a 6th, pumping hard all the way to the finish.
So with only 4 races complete I find myself in 3rd as we need 5 races
for a throwout. Both Micah and Schurman are sitting deep both carrying
an OCS.
Paulao and Fernando have sailed the most consistant and thus are in
the top 2 spots.
Mondays forecast looks dismal but anything can happen.

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