Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caviliga regatta day 1

A quick report from day 1 in Miami @ the caviliga regatta.
All the usual characters + some new faces at the first regatta of the
The formula fleet got off to a late start but managed 1 race in the
breeze with Schurman BRA999 taking the bullet just infront of fellow
Brazillian BRA3333 and Buzianis in 3rd. I managed to stay in front if
the rest of the rest of the fleet with the winds building up to the
mid 20s.
A quick break for lunch on the barrier island was all it took for the
breeze to calm down as sailors began to shift gears into light wind
mode. Most of the fleet was still on their 10s and 11s struggeling for
power. I managed to sail pretty fast but in the wrong direction as I
banged the right corner, tacked and game over. Not enough time for a
recovery with just a 2 lap race.
Buzianis got the bullet but was osc.
Finally we tried to start a 3rd race in little to no wind and it was
abandoned as most of the fleet never got planning.
Tommorows forecast looks decent with 15-20k.

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