Sunday, January 10, 2010

Know your winter tides

The northerlies continued all week with more formula and slalom sailing on the SF Bay.
Even some time at fort point catching the outside break but the lee of the south tower on a NE breeze throws a big shadow. Jean got sucked in for a good 5 min before having to paddle out.
The best breeze was in the middle of the bay but the swell and sunshine under the gate were temping. It was this time about 4 years ago I got sucked out the gate on a big ebb tide and rescued by the coast guard. Needless to say, I keep a better eye on the tides. With a northerly or NE breeze, the marin headlands shuts down most of the wind under and outside the bridge.

Fridays afternoon slalom session was lit on the warp 7.3 and 105l slalom board in 12-22k
A bit too much power with the 42 cm fin when it gets above 16-18k but Jean, Andre and I got some amazingly fast runs from anita rock to the presidio shoals & out the slot. See the 2nd 1/2 of Jeans winter sailing video below.Saturday saw the breeze fill in late but I got 2 solid sessions in with the warp 11.0 and ML10.
Im beginning to get a better feel for the sweet spot on the board. Downwind feels the best with the board working really well in the outside, chicken and double chicken straps.
Thanks for Dwells @ Waterhound for the photos
and Jean for the headcam videos.
Also check out the photos of Wells sailing his kona at ft point on sunday.
Despite trying the 7.3/slalom combo just wasnt enough to get up there

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