Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sopot Formula Grand Prix Day 2

Day 2 started with the postponement flag up to 1:15 pm before the fleet was sent out in light conditions, Leaving 30 minutes before the start- I still was not able to make it to the starting line and immediately started the day with a DNF. I could not getting planning or stay planning to save my life.
The chop and waves today were steep and close - making getting going a real challenge.
There were at least 20 other boards that didnt make the start as well- but thats no consolidation. In hindsight, a little less downhaul would have helped.
Race 6 was started immediately after in similar conditions.
This time I made sure I was on the line but unfortunately not even close to planning as half the fleet sailed off the line while the rest sat parked until the chaos settled and slowly got off the line to the corners of the course. The wind was still oscillating as the 2 breezes were fighting each other- similar to yesterdays conditions. I finally managed to get over right corner and tacked and rode the endless knock back to the other corner. Not the best scenario for a comeback.
At the top mark, the mark boat was taking readings of 3-4 knots but as I later found out, our class rules are not too specific in regards to wind minimums. Specifically, the only requirement for the RC is to have at least 7 knots in the minute before the start.

The next 2 legs continued like this as it was not my day on the water today.
After 2 races, the fleet was sent it with little chance for any more racing.
At the end of day like today- you really want to give up but as they say- its not how you win or lose but how you recover.
With just one more race, we get 2 throw outs, so from now one everything counts.
I moved from 19th to 30th today but with 2 more days of racing I can make it up.
Tomorrow's forecast doesn't look strong but with the lessons I learned today, hopefully I wont be repeating the same mistakes...

As usual- you can find the ticker form todays action at the site


Anonymous said...

2.3.1 The time limit for the first finisher in a course race
is 40 minutes
2.3.2 The time limit for the first racer in each race to
reach the first mark is 12 minutes.
2.3.3 A race shall be abandoned if either of these time
limits ( above) is exceeded and anyway shall not
count towards the official results.
2.3.4 Racers finishing more than 15 minutes after the
first finisher in their respective race shall be
scored DNF except those who are scored DSQ,
2.3.5 The target elapsed time for a course race in
planing conditions is 15>20 minutes for the

Anonymous said...

i hope that the letters i send are coming trho about the windlimits

James Douglass said...

Cool report. Sorry about the bummer light wind day. Does anyone use adjustable downhauls in these races?

USA-4 Steve Bodner said...

Thanks for the Championship rules NED 103. Unfortunately the only thing in the class rules regarding wind limits is the 7 knot clause 1 minute before the start. Getting redress because the wind dies is nearly impossible.

USA-4 Steve Bodner said...

Jamie- The formula rigs require too much downhaul for an adjustable downhaul to work properly.
The proposed Olympic rig has an adjustable downhaul but is more like a raceboard rig than a formula rig.

Anonymous said...

Ned. at the top!