Friday, June 6, 2008

Sopot Formula Grand Prix Day 3

Currently we are on postponement as the seabreeze has failed to develop at 2pm.
Allision Shreeve gave a presentation on the new Formula Windsurfing One Design Format.
It's up to sailors now to convince the representatives to vote favorably at the ISAF November meeting.

As for me, I think the new class could fit in well in the existing Formula class but at the Olympics in 2012 do I want to be sailing on a rig that was designed 5 years ago?
Formula has worked so well because of the innovation and development in the class. Having Olympic class status is a doubled edged sword: you've got to abide by the ISAF regulations such as having one rig to work in 6-25 knots. Thats always proved to be a compromise compared to the Formula class where you can have up to 3 rigs that can match each sailors weight and wind range.


Anonymous said...

Is Allison using the "Olympic" Starboard during the races? I do see her using the "Olympic" sail on some of the event pictures, so probably yes?


Anonymous said...

@ wouterd - yes, Allison is using the new FWOD gear. She's in Europe doing a promo of the new gear at a few events.

@ Steve - keep the reports coming mate. So bummed I can't get there yet. Will be in NL on the 3rd July, so we should hook up for some training at Almere (wherever you sail) soon. I'll be heading to the Polish events (Leba and the other one) in July...

Anonymous said...

mine live words are:

now: wind.
now: waves.
now: girls.
now: future.