Thursday, November 29, 2007

2007 Formula Worlds Day 2

The Fortaleza breeze finally came up for Day 2 of the World Championships.
Thurday's conditions were 17-22k with chop and swell then dying off to 12-15k by the end of the day. The RC set up double windward-leeward courses with gates at the top and bottom then a broad reach to the finish just in front of the hotel.3 races were scheduled but during the first race the fleet got off without hearing the general recall flag and ran the entire race. Race 5 was rerun, a quick lunch break back on the beach then back out again for race 6 and 7.
I had a good first practice race, slipped a bit then finished strong at the end of the day with 2 finishes in the top 30 in the breeze. Up in front of the fleet, it was Antoine taking 3 more bullets.
results after 7 races : 2nd day of FW Worlds 2007 from on Vimeo.
video credit: Bogo
I finally felt back in the game again going back and forth in the middle of the fleet, rounding well, and finally getting some speed and angle to keep my position and even gain a few boards each leg.
With an oscillating breeze, both sides of the course were paying off well but more so the right side with the shift off the beach. I decided it was better to start on starboard into the waves (my favored tack) then half way up the leg tack over. With more than half the fleet starting on port on most of the races, there were some interesting starts today.

Proto Credit: Bogo
I finally found more angle and speed in the 2nd and 3rd races today after the lunch break when I added more downhaul. That was the key for the north 9.9 and 68 cm kashy fin.
Most of the fleet was on 10.0 with some staying on 10.7's in the breeze.
I played the laylines a bit more conservative today making sure I didnt have to double tack- in this fleet it will cost you 15-20 boards.
Just once I got on the wrong side of the shift and got shafted at the end of a leg - missing the mark.
Todays big lesson came with maximizing my strengths. The Mikes Lab board finally felt in the groove upwind on starboard through the chop with the 10.0. Thats the conditions I practiced in most this year, By favoring starboard tack off the start I was able to hold my position off the line and gain on the first leg. After that it was sailing smart and looking for small opportunities to move up.
Here's a video from the Dutchie's point of view: credit Gerrit de Jong
Also check out Dennis Littles blog as hes been reporting on every race as well

3 more days to move up in the fleet.
Check out for the detailed blow by blow account from the race deck.

Special thanks to the following organizations for the funding at this event:
The St. Francis Foundation, The Richmond Yacht Club Foundation and The Belvedere Cove Foundation. In addition- Eduardo Owen of NEXT SPORTS for his generous equipment sponsorship!

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