Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finding the setup...

I managed to put together 2 decent races today finishing just in front of the peliton but out of reach from the top group. In 15-18k I was let lit on my 11.0 but switched down to a 68 cm kashy fin.
We raced 2 additional races in true course slalom fashion- with a reaching start, upwind down wind for 2 laps then up wind to the finish. More importantly I found a good set up that works in the breeze.
First race started with a general recall then a black flag- then going into the first mark beam reaching with 50 boards coming down on top of me, I thought I would be toast at the first mark but managed to get by in the mid pack. I immediately gybed for clear air but it was apparent there was more breeze outside. Rounding the leeward mark I had the chance to get a clean rounding and really gain a lot of distance to weather on the boards who rounded ahead and were getting knocked The next 2 legs progressed well- keeping my spot on most of the guys I just passed.
Race 2 started in a similar conditions. I got off the line low below the fleet and came into the top mark in good position just getting rolled at the mark rounding by the fleet coming down. Still in decent position I held my lane and position to the leeward mark rounding in a tight group. Sailing port tack effectively takes good concentration to the swells- similar to racing in Maui.
Overall just behind the group- but plenty of room to improve before Wednesday.
thanks to windbrazil and bogo for the photos

Next 2 days are measurement and rest the big event starts wednesday.
Meanwhile back in the states- the US Olympic Windsurfing Trials are still being appealed by Gebi and Farrah for lack of a compitant jury. See Sailing Anarchy story for more. Ahh the Joys of US-Ailing!


sailmagblogs said...

Complicated game, isn't it? Good luck over the next couple of days, and thanks for checking in with your comments re. US Sailing and the Olympics: KL

Unknown said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the great reports. It's nice to see what you guys are up to down there. Best of luck to you, Alan, Dave, and Seth :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck for the Worlds Steve.
I will be wathcing your progess with interest.

All the best

Ray (NZL 0).

PS..Would have like to be there but still kinda recovering financially from the trip to Spain earlier in the year.

Anonymous said...

good luck Steve

and do say hi to Dave and Alan from me - tell 'em our training better pay off or I'll be back to kick their @ss on the Bay

cheers from chilly Holland

chris bel29

bry said...

awesome updates steve-o! looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Great reports. I feel like I am there next to you.

Is there any truth in the rumour that Antoine is sporting a new Deboichet that looks like a Kashy outline?

Good luck mate!

Anonymous said...

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