Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre Worlds training- Fortaleza, Brazil-

After a day of traveling from Miami to San Paulo back to Fortaleza, and lugging 3 formula boards, and 4 formula rigs through 3 airports I was wiped out. Sleep never felt so good and with a view of the race course just out my window I knew I wasn’t far away when I woke up- unfortunately that was the next day!

On Wednesday I got out on the water for 2 sessions – lining up with Brazilians, Dutch, and American sailors. There are a lot of sailors from Europe and South America here but just 4 US sailors…Alan B. and Dave Kashy from the east coast and Seth due to arrive Friday.

By 1pm it was in the mid teens so I took out my north 9.9, 70 cm XS Kashy fin and ML7.

The water state was a strong moving swell and a 1’-2’ chop upwind on starboard. I felt right at home letting my legs work like pistons in the chop and going strong against the other sailors. It feels good to be powered up again and working through the chop. On port tack, however- getting over the swell and chop was a bit more difficult as you were almost sailing parallel to it and really needed to foot to build enough speed to climb. Downwind I was under-powered on both tacks with the 9.9 just not having enough grunt.

I came in for a break and enjoyed some local Brazilian hospitality and then switched to the 11.0 for a more powered up, tuned in session. I was able to stay powered for much longer in the chop as the wind died to the low teens in the later afternoon. Off the breeze running with the swell is really fun- especially with a beautiful Fortaleza skyline along the long beaches. There are several stone breakwaters than extend down the coast about ¼ mile out. The launch is hidden in a protected harbor with just one 10’ ramp down the water- that should be interesting with more people coming and going.

Back at the rigging area it looks like kashy fin central with most sailors having the trademark wood-laminate fin cover. A lot of the F2 riders have switched back to the 2006 board with the thought that it goes better through the chop. The L7’s advantage, I think, will come in its ability to deal with overpowered choppy conditions.

Another interesting thing is most sailors have a local (rigging boy- if you will) to help them rig, de-rig and get their stuff to and from the water. At $25 for the week- the money may be well spend. The difference in Brazilian class is just amazing with just a 5% middle class, 10% upper class and the rest living in relative poverty. To give you and idea of what Im talking about: most of the local sailors have bullet proof glass on their SUV in order not to get car jacked! Stopping at a red light at night is not advised.

I will get 1 more day of training and try out some other fins tomorrow before the 1st race starts on Friday. 3 days of the Brazilian championship series then 2 days of registration and measurement and finally by next Tuesday- the 2007 Formula World Championship will take off.

Meanwhile back in SF- the swell advisory is up for some Thanksgiving sailing- enjoy the ride guys!

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Anonymous said...


This is Sam Kashy - Dave's brother from Chicago.

Thanks for the updates ... Good luck and say hello to Dave and Alan if you read this.

Please post results as they do not seem to be posted in the Brasil Wind or Formula sites.

Have fun.