Saturday, November 24, 2007

pre race 2

4 more races today on the water- finding out more about the course, the breeze and the fleet- as well as my equipment! As the sun came up this morning, the breeze was strong on the water but the wind here is less dense. I rigged up my 11.0 with 70 cm xs fin and found a few good legs on the course in the first 2 races. I put together race 2 finishing in the low teens and learned a lot more about sailing on port tack across the waves. Coming upwind form the leeward mark its crucial too keep your bow up or else its over. Although with the right shift off the land- it was almost equally important to go for speed towards the shift. Its all about having the advantage at the end of the leg and with a fleet like this every point counts.
Race 3 and 4 after the break- things lightened up to the point where I was searching for power on my 9.9. I think its going to be more important to fin down in the Worlds rather than rig down with this breeze. I used race 3 as my throwout as I broke a harness line- using the rest of the race to tune up with Seth- who just arrived.
So after 2 days in mixed breeze I got a chance to size up the fleet. With the majority on kashy fins and going fast - its going to be a real important to make the small details come together and take advantage of every opportunity.

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