Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 1 lord of the winds showdown, Los barres baja

We ran 40 slalom heats  on day 1 + big air comp for kiters. 
Despite being at site for almost 6 hours I raced a total of 16 min. 
In the 4 slalom heats for expert men. I finished  4, 3 dfl and 2.
The wind was 16-22k with rolling swell. 
The slalom course had 10 gybe marks and almost 1/2 mile downwind. 
Race 1 started with me not pulling the trigger thinking there was another 1 min to go.
From there it was playing catch up and trying to pass on anybody making a bad rounding in front of me. 

Race 2 started better as I rounded the top mark in 1st but started for the low mark 4 instead of 2 and getting passed I kept 2nd until the 7th mark where I fell on a gybe and got DFL
I'm not coming out of the gybe marks with speed. 
Race 3 good speed and rounding only to get passed on the inside at mark rounding on last mark to get 3rd.

Race 4 I arrived 2nd into 1st mark behind Tyson and kept my position the whole race. Good gybes with clean air. No problems. 

I used 7.8 north warp with 44 cm Crad fin and mast base at mid. Ill try the mast forward at 60-70% to get going out of gybed better.  Not sure yet about why leach is so loose. Maybe less downhaul tomorrow...

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