Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 6 la ventana classic

We had a 7 am boat ride across the La Ventana bay with 98 other wind enthusiast for the long distance crossing. As usual we sat around and waited for the wind to fill in....
By 2pm we were fully lit in 15-20k on a 20 min beam/broad reach across the channel between La Ventana Island- by the way- its for sale!- back to mainland baja California Mexico.
I started low with the rest of the windsurfing fleet and getting some local knowledge to make a big arch across the bay I account for the wind shift as you crossed the channel. Tyson broke out from the pack as Bryan myself an Wyat all took the low route. Meanwhile the kiters took the high route keeping it lot up. Despite giving it everything I had I just couldn't match match their speed. I never felt lit powered like I do in a formula board. A good effort bit I felt out matched. I rounded the first mark in 5th behind Tyson on a jp and np 7.8, Johnny on a 11m kite, Wyatt on 7.8 &; Bryan on a 7.0. The next leg was a deep reach so 6 more kiters caught up as they can go way deeper. Just at the last mark before the finsih we all came together and I edged in 9 or 10th place out of a fleet of 99.
I ran a 39cm fin with the warp 7.8 and ml 100l 60cm wide course slalom board.
The 460 mast is working better in the sail with less downhaul and more tack strap but it's doesn't quite have the 5th gear I was looking for like the 6.3 I had the breeze yesterday.
In the marginal winds the 44cm or 48 cm fin might be a better choice.
I'm hoping we get some more lit up conditions but it looks like the forecast is lighter for the next few days.
Maybe a good time to learn how to fly a kite!

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