Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 3 report lord of the winds

It was hurry up and wait today as the northerly breeze failed to come in strong like the previous 2 days.
The kite racing on the course gear have a lower wind minimum than the slalom windsurfers so they started and finished the day with 2 races while the slalom windsurfers only got 1 race in.
I was well prepared being the only one starting on starboard as I came ripping in only to be calledOCS while the rest of the fleet sat parked at the other end. The big lesson I learned was in a situation line that it's better to be a few seconds late than early. Nonetheless I think the horn was 2-3 seconds late.
No big deal I rallied back as much as I could to 3rd in a light 14-16k but havnt quite found the grove on the course slalom gear. I tried a 490 mast but the 7.8 sail really needs the tack strap yanked to get any power out of it.
A few more knot of breeze would have been nice but then again it's January and I'm sailing in baja. So far I'm sitting in 3rd place in course slalom behind Tyson & Bryan.

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