Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 2 LOW- baja

Day 2 report: Lord f the Winds showdown
1 slalom windsurf heat & 3 kite slalom heats followed by 3 course races. 
Tyson continuing to dominate the fleet with another day of bullets. 
I tried the mast track a bit more forward to 65-75% and it worked better coming out of the gybes.
In race1 slalom, I managed another 3rd behind Tyson & Bryan and still holding into 3rd with Casey's 2 dnfs from yesterday. 
The kites did 3 rounds of final slalom with the best of the fleets qualifying to the final rounds The twin tips just beat out the course boards running smaller 30 fins. 
By 1 we moved into course racing. 
I want able to get any angle the whole race. I felt I was way underpowered with my 460 mast in my 7.8. The luff curve is set up for the 490 bend & I'm really loosing out in the low end w/ no upwind angle with flat draft. I knew I should have packed the 9.5!!
After 2 races the RC said they were done & I derigged only to have the next men's windsurfing start in 30 min later- doh...
I watched the remaining kite course slalom from shore as the California crew cleaned up.  
It's super sandy rigging on the beach with not much protection from the elements.
A tarp is a must have in travelling quiver. 

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