Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last day la ventana classic

Last day la ventana classic brought more course racing. We nearly missed the 1st race as we
went whale shark diving in morning.
Luckily we got back in time for the 5 min gun and I helped the rest our crew get out on the water while the wind build and the windsurfers started later. 

I rigged 7.8 and f4 48 cm fin vs Lyn on 10.0 formula for 5 quick 4 min races.
All in all- the slalom board puts up a good fight vs the formula board in quick racing
My best races finishes were just behind top kiters in 5th place overall in the mixed fleet racing
In my worst races I understood too mark and needed to double tack - DFL!
I switched to Lyns 9.0- super comfortable as wind got lighter later in day!
It powers up sooner and better through lulls than 7.8
I'm learning to play downhaul strap much more to induce more power to lower 1/3 of sail + moving boom height up as wind lowers.
All in all a super regatta!
Muchos garcias to the race organizers and volunteers.

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